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Best Fonts of the Month: August.

My eyes and I are happy to announce that this past mont of August was a month full of very beautiful releases in the typography scene. This month releases includes bigs and talented names like Laura Worthington (with a release of Voltage a lovely script font), Los andes (the southamerican guys have released Garden: a georgeous calligraphic with catch phrases), Dada Studio, HVD fonts and much more typefoundries.

Less helvetica and more typefaces, take a look at each of this fonts, here is the list (click on the name to see the font):

  1. Brix Sans
  2. Voltage
  3. Garden
  4. Servus Slab
  5. Atletico
  6. Toyler
  7. Accura
  8. Powder Script
  9. Lulo
  10. Dalle
  11. Ortodoxa
  12. Dimor
  13. Adagio Sans Script
  14. Bend
  15. Monoline Rounded JNL
  16. Adget Sans
  17. Idea
  18. Plathorn
  19. Squoosh Gothic
  20. Adagio Serif Script
  21. Elise
  22. Adagio Slab Script
  23. AZ Cupcakes
  24. Via Sans
  25. Meeko FY

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